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Lindsay Stephenson
Amazing. Fast response time, extremely clear and helpful. I'd request Thomas specifically the next time I'd need some work done. Highly recommend.

Amy Richardson
Thomas was quick and attentive and gave us many options for accomplishing the task we were looking for.

Daniel Dimassa
Both professional and great designer.He knew what direction to lead me to so could get the best product out. Thanks again for the clean design and help.

Stuart Ridge
Thomas was awesome to work with. Fast, friendly and offered up multiple solutions for the development task. Wouldn't hesitate to use him again.

Patrick Atallah
Thomas was awesome to work with. He was very responsive, answered all my questions promptly, and finished the job quickly and without error. I would definitely seek out his services in the future.

Nancy Beliveau
Impeccable services. Looking forward to using Thomas's expertise again.

Jake Cohn
I love how on point and responsive he was when it came to putting what we talked about onto the actual page—and it was always in a very quick turnaround time. He was equally impressive and quick performing the little intermittent tweaks and edits that i'd throw his way. I highly recommend him!

Adam Moats
Thomas did a great job again, going above and beyond despite my specifications being poor. He also finished way ahead of schedule.