Creating an awesome & silly sideproject in a single weekend.

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The Idea

I originally created this as an internal app while at my last job. It has recently been rebuilt so anybody can take it for a spin.

The idea came about when I realized it was often a bit of a distraction to glance at different marketing metrics throughout the day. Our team would be busy working and we'd have no idea how our efforts were doing that day. Once we had this setup on an iPad we mounted to a wall we would 'sense' when user acquisition efforts were effective or not. This told us when more analysis was necessary for that day.

You will get notified with every purchase, sign-up, or other goal. Every time someone visits that page the Gifalytics app will alert you with a sound and a random GIF. It's basically gives you real-time conversion tracking notifications.

Gifalytics has since been summited and featured to Product Hunt. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Launch Lister @launch_lister

Hey @_tomki, we just featured Gifalytics in the newsletter!

11:20 AM - 29 Dec 2015

Gabriel Lewis @Gabriel__Lewis

@nivo0o0 your dream of combining gifs and analytics has finally come to fruition @rrhoover @ProductHunt

11:12 AM - 28 Dec 2015